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October 28 2016

Shout out to my fellow fleshy Listserve readers Joel, Elizabeth and Gattuso!

If it's true that there's currently 22,082 subscribers on this thing then there's got to be people I know reading this that I don't know are reading this. There's also got to be many people I don't know that I know are reading this. Both ways: whatup people!!

One day I received a Listserve email from one "Steve Gattuso." I was confused. I'm "Steve Geluso." Why is this other name so bizarrely similar to my own? I replied and introduced myself. I found out Gattuso would soon start working in San Francisco where my buddy Joel works. Joel reads the Listserve too! Small world.

Today it is Gattuso's turn to receive an email from Geluso and perhaps be confused for a moment. I wish you the best, Gattuso!

I'm in Seattle, WA. The best city in the world. I like the crisp weather and the geography shaped by water. If you visit here you should ride a bike. In fact, I recommend you ride a bike whenever you're traveling more than 10 feet. Seriously. Without exception.

I help maintain a fun online game called Pomme. You can google for "pomme game" and probably find it. Go there to play a fun free image association game. It's like Apples-to-Apples, but with images. You'll love playing it. I swear. Also, I guarantee you all will break our server.

"Once, I realized a sentence had identical words appearring beside each other twice twice and decided that that was a special thing."

I've kept a list of other examples I've seen:

"Is art art?"

"Happy happy hour!"

"Put the song on on repeat."

"Good morning morning people!"

"to record record figures"

"to address address problems"

"to refuse refuse charges"

"I'll stay there for a while while I look for a place."

"7:00? OK. I'll come by by then."

"It's been something I've looked for for many years."

"If it wasn't funny then, then it won't be funny now."

"Unlike whiskey, you can't water water down."

This one is not my own, yet it's a real stand-out:

"A fish and chips shop owner decides he wants his sign repainted. He tells the painter: 'I want you to put a hyphen between the words "Fish" and "and" and "and" and "Chips.'"

I call these sentences "loopdeloops." You an see a full list of what I've collected if you copy that entire block of text quotes and google it. One result.

Please reply with any examples you can think of! I'd like to diagram each sentence and see what all categories they fall in.

Thank you. See ya. :wq

Steve Geluso
Seattle, WA
[email protected]

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