The Power of the Mind

October 23 2016

My story has to do with the power of the mind. A while back I was invited to my 10- year high school reunion but couldn’t go. They did, however give everyone the opportunity to send in a bio and updated information they then put together in a booklet. I sent in my info and was excited to read about what everyone was up to. I made a special note of my friend Dee Dee Barnes who, like me, had moved to the East Coast. I thought the next time I was in Washington DC I would get in touch, as I had not spoken to her since graduation.

A few months later I found myself in DC and it was a glorious day so I decided to walk back to my hotel from my appointment. I was in Georgetown and suddenly remembered that this was where Dee Dee lived, but had not remembered to take her information with me and had no way of contacting her. I remembered that I read somewhere that we only use 10% of our brain’s power, so as it was a day that anything seemed possible, I decided to test that theory and conjure up the unused 90% to see if I could somehow make a connection with my old friend. As I wandered through the streets of Georgetown, I concentrated on Dee Dee and pictured her coming out of one of the beautiful brownstone buildings as I was passing. I would say something clever like “Hi Dee Dee, I was just thinking about you”. As an alternative, in case I was walking on the wrong block, I pictured her driving by and getting out of her car to mail a letter. I thought about her all the way back to my hotel. And at this point, you are probably wondering if she miraculously appeared. Alas, no. An experiment that did not really work, but it was a great walk anyway.

The next day, I found myself back at my desk in New York. My phone rang and I answered it. “ Hi Maureen, this is Dee Dee Barnes”. My jaw dropped. To say that I was flabbergasted is an understatement. She was in New York City and wondered if we might have lunch. I cancelled other plans and couldn’t wait to tell her my story. Before I could get to it, she said she also got the book from the reunion and as she comes to New York often made a note to take my information. As she was packing for her trip yesterday, suddenly a vision of me appeared in her head and she dropped what she was doing to get my number. It was the same time that I was walking back to the hotel and using all of my brainpower on this connection.

The other odd thing was that she got directly through to me even though I had changed jobs a month before, so the number she initially called was not where I worked anymore. Someone who knew me answered that phone and gave her my new number. Also, my secretary usually answered my calls, but she was up getting coffee, so the call came directly to me. There was no doubt that we were meant to talk that day.

The experience both delighted and frightened me and I realize we all have amazing powers if we channel them. I have only tried this a couple of times and am amazed that when the mind is totally focused on a goal, it is totally achievable. Try it for yourself.

Maureen O'Hanlon
Stockbridge, MA
[email protected]

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