Designing Lives with Context Awareness

October 18 2016

I’m really fascinated with context aware design. I’m sure you’re all
familiar with responsive design, yeah? Design that adjusts to the size
of your screen. Well, context aware design is when the device
considers the context in which it's placed, like environmental
factors. Mobile devices can make recommendations set on location, they
can auto-adjust the contrast on a bright or gloomy day, they can
promote options based on your personal settings. Devices take into
consideration their environments and act accordingly. And these
devices are built by humans, which I feel as time goes on, are having
less context awareness. Maybe because of all the distractions or

I try to design context awareness into my everyday life. Being aware
of not only my surroundings, but the people that inhabit it and the
feelings they exhibit has made a significant difference in my
relationships and impacted my life.

Whether you’re looking to connect with yourself or someone else,
context awareness enables you to grow beyond just the courteous. It
allows you to explore other options, try on new ideas, ebb and flow
with other people’s energy. Opening a door, letting someone into your
lane, smiling as you walk by — that should be the standard. Finding
something truly meant for you or giving someone something that’s truly
meant for them because you’re context aware, well that’s just awesome!

So, go auto-adjust someone’s gloomy day and create experiences that
are unique to your users. Personalize your interactions and connect
with your friends, your family, your fellow human beings; most of us
we’ll appreciate it.

A little more about me: 35 year old male, digital strategist,
movie-quoter, WP user, amateur cook, I blog about tech, pop-culture
and life at “Being AJiLe” (a play on words, or my initials) to bridge
the gap between the digital and the human.

@ajmatic is my Twitter handle, which should lead you to my all my
other social channels. Let’s connect and have a personalized

A big thank you to my older sister, she turned me onto the Listserve.
I know when she’s up, she’ll impart better (and worthier) words than

Adam James
Providence, RI
[email protected]

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