Growing Pains & Lemonade

October 15 2016

Wise philosophers of the past and present, from Elbert Green Howard to Beyonce have taught us that when life gives us lemons, you should make lemonade. I'm currently trying to make lemonade and I'm failing spectacularly! I recently moved to Botswana from Boston in the US due to some immigration issues that I won't get into because they'll make me cry.

The hardest part wasn't really the leaving of Boston; I can live anywhere, the hardest part is starting a new life with no familiar people as your markers, with no team of friends and advisors. Imagine being given an infinitely large field in a place that's not very familiar to you and being tasked with building a house, this freedom sounds great in theory but it's proven to be a lot frightening. As lovely as all that space is, where the heck should the house face? Where/who are my neighbors? Where is the road? How big should the house be? What will the weather be like in 6 months? It's all very daunting and important, so I've decided I delay growing up, temporarily run away from my problems and travel for a bit. I know the point of these e-mails is to share something with you but I'm going to be needy and ask for something from you. Where are you in the world and where do you recommend I travel and what should I do there?

So, as not to leave you with absolutely nothing I'm gonna share with you my favorite people and places in Boston. First up, the best ever friends and sisters from other misters a girl could ask for: Valerie Tracy dot com is an awesome videographer/graphic designer/ photographer based in Boston, don't take my word for it, google her and see for yourself. Betsy Slate works for BU and is a brilliant academic and creative individual (I didn't know people like that existed either,) if you have a kick-ass job to offer her in Boston or the west coast please find her on linkedIn.

If you're looking for the best coffee in all of the eastern seaboard, then Neighborhoods Cafe in Fenway, Boston is worth checking out (say hi to Betsy for me) and finally, if you're looking for a community of people so awesome that leaving them could quite literally be the cause of some of the greatest pain you've ever felt then please check out City Church in Boston. E-mail me and let me know how you're doing, give me travel recommendations and maybe some other thoughts too: KeletsoCharlotteM at gmail dot com


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