So much of what you are is where you’ve been

October 09 2016

"I have been to wonderful places and around great people. Thank you all for being around. Really excited about the time to come.

Hello world,

Everyone has a to-do list. Few just keep it restricted to self, others write it down somewhere so that others can read and maybe motivate or help in ticking the items off it. What about your to-do list?

Traveling to new places has been one of the top items on my to-do list but have not been able to keep up with it in recent years. Hoping to add a lot of places to visited list soon.

I fell in love with cycling a few years back and completed my first brevet this year. Looking forward to riding PBP in 2019.

Have always loved writing code to solve problems. Thanks to my high school teachers for introducing with it in a great way. RaspberryPi and Arduino have taken this to a new level. Omega2 is joining the club soon.

I write computer code for a living. Currently trying to reduce effort in recruiting by using technology.

Feel free to connect me at: [email protected]. Would love to send you a postcard from this part of the world.

Looking ahead for surprises from life with a beginner’s mind.

Thanks for listening.

Stay healthy. Stay connected.

Not too far
[email protected]

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