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August 28 2016

We’re three brothers, Stefan, Ioan and Daniel, creating HAI Robots - an internet platform of software that works as an extension to your mind, integrated in most of the things you interact with, like cell phones, computers, fridges, watches, clothing, buildings,etc Most of the current benefits of the internet, including absolutely new functions and features will be seamlessly adapted for you.

A man went to the tailor for a bespoke suit. Instead of treating him like royalty, the tailor laughed at the man’s body and made the suit as if he was horribly deformed, without listening to his choices or even considering his physical characteristics. The man ended up accepting the ridiculous suit that made him look like a clown after a failed performance. He paid generously and left in a haste, being afraid to be thrown out naked and penniless.

We get a similar experience on the internet. We’re searching for the solutions we need, finding something remotely useful. The functions and features of most websites&apps are not meant for us, personally, they’re designed for Mister&Mrs Everybody.

I lived in Africa for 6yrs. In 2010, I volunteered in a village in Namibia, teaching english and arts to 4-12 year olds. Kids aged 5&10 weren’t much different in their capacities. They had poor living conditions and few quality social interactions. Many of them were raised by chronically alcoholic parents. They slept on bare sand or a blanket that doubled as a mattress. Many were orphans, their parents died of HIV. Some families were better, most of my students were raised like this though. After few months of working with a group of 12 children, their minds opened up like popcorn and a child who wasn’t able to draw something recognizable before, was expressing himself in understandable english and built a house out of rough pieces of wood, with an original design, with windows, a door, and where you could enter and fit in; All out of play, and special attention to each child’s particular talents and weaknesses. So far, it was the best year of my life.

Out of an unfortunate circumstance, I spent 3 days in a Zambian jail. We were 250 people in one room. At night, you couldn’t turn over unless your neighbors turned as also. The inmates received me with warmth and generosity. Discussing with several people I realized that if they had access to quality education they wouldn’t be there. Except for that, an automated legal channel would have saved me from entering prison and many of the men in there would have been free, with their wives and children, enjoying the best years of their lives. HAI will offer the possibility for anyone to be represented by the best lawyers and minor issues will be sorted out automatically, without human representation. Without defending crime and criminals HAI will help people with no means to defend themselves.
As a medical doctor, my mum uses half of her working hours with paperwork. HAI will help her use time attending to people’s health issues and preventing future sickness instead of typing in novels of bureaucracy.
Another great use of HAI will be that you’ll be able to browse live in most of the world’s exciting markets helping you handpick your favorite exotic goods at a fraction of the price, cutting out a bunch of intermediaries, you’ll even be able to bargain with the seller.

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