School Design Matters

August 15 2016

I help design schools for a living and love exploring how the built environment can have a positive impact on teaching and learning.

As I'm sure you all know, we can do a lot better in public education today but updating the physical space is just one piece of the puzzle. Too often we throw an existing organization into a new space and expect it to instantly adapt. They don't and shouldn't be expected to. I am heading to Melbourne, Australia next year as a Post-Graduate Fulbright Scholar to study how we can better prepare educators and school organizations to utilize innovative and nontraditional learning spaces. If you are a teacher, administrator, fellow designer, or lover of all things schools - shoot me an email! I would love your thoughts on what I am doing. You can also check out my super new blog that will chronicle my work (schoolsandtravel . com)


Raechel F
[email protected]
Austin, TX

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