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July 28 2016

I mostly have questions
I am in a seemingly unending process of forming statements that will most likely morph and change…
For now, nothing is certain.
Is anything a coincidence?

A serendipitous surprise this is ~ to be chosen to present a statement on a platform for so many eyes and brains. Hello!
Ironic, or something…since my psychological debate as of late remains a giant question mark when it comes to what I want to say.
I am creative yet uninspired by my own narrative. Bold, ambitious, yet I sense a humongous hurtle as I evolve and continue my existence. I am a human animal alive to survive in our wild world of possibilities, choices, danger, dichotomy, paradise.
What do I stand for and what do I wish to choose to do with my body mind and energy I have no “real” idea. Where my guts will lead me I can’t be so sure!
I turn to you! I long for more perspective and I am curious about your statement. What you stand for? Have you formed a statement? Care to share a little something of your pondering on each word in the subject line perhaps? Help me form my expanding thoughts through yours!

In writing this, I have become extremely excited by what may come to me through the strange opportunity to begin a forum amongst other humans surviving in this world alongside me. An epidemic of experiences exposed if you will. If you want to!

I turned 23 last week. I felt depressed the night before. I woke up late, I missed an important appointment and had a near emotional meltdown at the very same time of day as the day I was born. I can’t tell if what I was feeling was created by me or always going to happen. What is real and what is all of the negative space? How much do we choose does free will fucking exist? What do YOU have to say?! I’m so curious…...

I “randomly” drew these words in the subject line before I made this attempt in a giddy duty as a listserver
The Original Angel Cards Book by Kathy Taylor

thanks for reading ; 0

tessa jade richardson williams
[email protected]
los angeles, ca

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