Mostly, you're lucky.

July 26 2016

They say Sagittarius is a lucky sign. I just won the Listserve lottery... for the second time. What are the chances?
Before I continue, I'd like to make everyone here loses The Game, because that's what I did the last time I won The Listserve and I still think I'm clever (ha ha ha).Here you sit, reading my email, a perfect amalgamation of atoms, precisely organized to be You, conscious and living and completely unique, at this exact moment in time. Be thankful for your existence and for your health, for both are precious and a marvel of nature, and we so often lose sight of our own good fortune.

Some suggestions: read A Brief History of Nearly Everything, by Bill Bryson, and Women Who Run With The Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. Follow Humans of New York on Facebook, and check Post Secret online every Sunday. All four afford a healthy dose of perspective and food for thought. For fun, try looking up your birth date on HowStuffWorks, and see how freakishly accurate it might be.

Special shoutouts to Middlebury, Christmas Cove, North Lake Tahoe, and Kappa Delta Rho!

CC Chupacabra
[email protected]
Lake Tahoe, CA

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