This world is over

July 20 2016

This world is over. Global capitalism has failed in its promise of
limitless prosperity. Industry has succeeded only in destroying the
climate which keeps us alive. Nation states are collapsing into
faux-democratic spectacles and open authoritarian regimes, neither of
which can fulfil their promises. But like a zombie, these systems
persist, rotting as they stumble on. This world is dead, but it refuses
to die. It must be destroyed.

There is a new world waiting. A world where we share and circulate
resources, rather than hoarding them. Where we participate in
ecosystems rather than exploiting them. Where we govern ourselves
without nations or leaders. But this world isn't inevitable, it won't
emerge naturally. It must be built.

Destroying the old world and building the new one is the same project.
We cannot do one without the other. Allowing the old world to unravel
and crash is not enough; it allows forces like racism, nationalism and
fascism to blossom in the wreckage (see Golden Dawn and Donald Trump).
And building new alternatives alone cannot challenge established
systems; that just creates new kinds of power which the ruling class can
twist to serve them (see Google and the grassroots Obama campaign).

This project of creation and destruction is epic in scale. It is our
last, best hope at a future of freedom and prosperity for the whole
planet. But it is also a humble project undertaken with our friends and
family, our neighbors and co-workers.

We can build intentionally with those around us, creating alternative
infrastructure and community. Social centers run by neighborhoods.
Cooperative businesses. Public safety programs which don't involve the
cops. Communal childcare and education projects. Sustainable
technology initiatives. Ways to take care of our needs together.

We can also destroy their world decisively: labor strikes, street
protests, riots and road blockades. Electronic disruption, hijacking
media channels. Theft and seizure of property. Civil disobedience.
Refusal to cooperate with military or police authorities. Ways to clog
the machine and bring it down together.

I can't do all of these things, and neither can you. But we can each do
some of them. The key is to do what we can, but recognize our efforts
as part of an epic project: identify our allies and support them.
Identify our enemies and fight them. Sustainability hackers can build
off-grid power for autonomous rural communes. Commune farmers can
supply food to striking urban workers. Church congregations can shelter
rioters and rioters can loot supplies for the local free clinic.
Separately, each of these efforts are weak and inadequate, but
interconnected we can stand against even the strongest authorities.
This is not theoretical. It is happening in the world already, waiting
for you to pick a side.

I tell you this not because I think my words have much impact, but
because as someone who has whole-heartedly invested in this project, it
is the only significant thing I can think of to share. If this
interests you, check out "To Change Everything", or contact me at
[email protected], including 'LISTSERV' in the subject line. I'd love to
talk more.

For a new world!

Mark Long
[email protected]
East Coast USA

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