600 word salad/some thoughts

July 17 2016

Here are some things:

1. Some people in poverty can pull themselves up, some people need our help. Help, be kind. Particularly to children.

2. I think that the minds at the Lifelong kindergarten group at MIT are going to change the world. I'm thinking of applying for a fellowship there and am terrified I'm not smart enough.

3. I believe you can have more than one soulmate.

4. Religion misappropriated makes me sad.

5. Read the moviegoer by walker Percy. Listen to Frank Turner.

6. Crappy disaster movies (Dante's Peak) are the best kind of entertainment.

7. If you want to have your faith in humanity restored, go volunteer in a classroom.

8. I exist to teach and create.

9. I'm a little drunk right now.

10. You may have a "this is what I would write if I won" idea floating in your head, but once you get the email that goes out the window.

Write me back with your word salad or tell me a joke. I love you all and this list has broadened my perspective and made me think.

Be nice. Be kind.

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Visiting Boston, but actually Chicago

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