On Twitter, & "Gifted". Intellectual Giftedness, that is…

July 03 2016

Hi, My Name Is J.!
Or, @JRoc23, on Twitter, if you're open like me & need a quick character check. Some background context, on who the heck is writing this shit.

You see, I see Twitter, the social @ originator, as a resource:

1) Internet consciousness. Current Real Time Events, News, Ideas, Sports, Pictures, Random Observations, Trends. It fulfils my many interests.
2) I can ask, Who is this? Do we click? Or are they a prick?
3) It exercises Empathy. Provides perspectives. Because diversity is strength.

So yes, I suggest Following as many accounts as you can. You'll learn something new. Listen To Many! (Speak To Few.)
Oh, & D) It's an underrated Search Engine.

Speaking of which, I'm collaborating on another Twitter side project.
@REAL_JOBS_YTO, if you're looking for, in the beautiful city of Toronto.

As I am, continuing to try, & find my career calling.

Sharing REAL JOBS, found through Tweets, from real people! Unlike bland faceless morale crushing job boards, or fakeass social networks like ~$26 Billion LinkedIn. Twitter keeps it real.


Ah yes, & "Gifted"…

The commonly known short form, of "Intellectual Giftedness".

Which yes, I also explore on Twitter, @THE_REAL_GIFTED. Because, Gifted is real… preconceived misconceptions aside.

Essentially, I was 1 of those Gifted kids in classes. You may remember them. You may even be 1 of them, labelled GIFTED! AND NEVER talk about it. Which I get. & Why, I talk about it.

Because funny enough, I ended up dropping out of Gifted school. A failed academic.
In addition to Failed Actor, Failed Ball Player, Failed Show Coordinator, Failed You Get The Idea. Failed Writer.

It was only after, that I actually realized, that it was Gifted 4 LIFE.

You see, Gifted kids are different, & complex. Asynchronous development with a mental capacity advanced beyond age expectations, maybe displayed outwardly. Those who do display, are labelled Gifted, in school. Basically, they're extra smart.

What they didn't teach us as kids was the side effects of Intellectual Giftedness. Mental Health, unaddressed. This Double Edged Sword includes things like: ADHD, Anxiety, Dyslexia, Existential Depression, High Sensitivity, Imposter Syndrome, Loneliness, OCD, Schizophrenia, Etc, Etc.

So let's just say, I'm glad my boy, the Prime Minister Of Canada, J. Trudeau, is getting around to Legalizing Marijuana.

Because yes, there is more than just an IQ. Like, how you handle, how you feel.

Also, I think there's something to Gardner's "Theory of Multiple Intelligence"; It's a new way to view IQ… analogous to the Moneyball Revolution in Baseball? There is meaningful context, than just the numbers & statistics.

Anyways, keep Gifted curriculum in schools. But just like the status quo, it could use reform.


These days, it's Twitter, helping intellectually stimulate me. Eating lunch, standing in line, perusing while driving. Yes, I know.

They say, You Follow People on Twitter That You'd Like To Know, You Friend People On Facebook You Hate To Know. (Why no, I'm not on evilbook. Like Mr. Robot, I hate facebook.)

& If I may, some random, parting tweet-sized thoughts:

Empathy, Empathy, EMPATHY.
The Golden Rule, Rule Of Reciprocity.
Exercise Critical Thinking, & Understanding Context. "Why, Is This True?"
There is an exception to every rule.
The world isn't just black & white.
My cognitive dissonance dances around destiny, faith, luck, opportunity.
I love The Rock. & Scarlett Johansson. If anyone knows them?

If you've made it this far, which I admit I don't usually get—Know that I'll now go through, the inbox, & Twitter, & read everything #THEListserve.


Oh, & did you remember my name? Not really? J, @JRoc23.

[email protected]
Toronto, ON, CA

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