Galway Kinnel has been around for a long time.

June 15 2016

Although Galway Kinnell passed away two years ago (age 87), he had been around for a long time. His first book was published in 1960, when he was 33. He has been a "serious" poet, and poetry is not my thing.

Galway has a special place in my heart.

I wrote a paper on him in 10th grade, pick a poet, write a paper, he was my poet. Although researching his life didn't make me love poetry, I loved his poetry.

I am drawn to his work because it deals with social issues, but it is by no means confined to one subject. There’s also optimism and beauty in his language, especially the large role animals and children have in his later work.

If you are a fan of poetry you may already know about him, if you are not a poetry fanatic but are looking for some summer reading, I recommend reading some of his work. Lots of his work is online but my two favorites are:

Fergus Falling
Oatmeal (if you need more motivation- I'll name drop here, Bill Murray, likes this poem and has referenced it in interviews).

I would love other poetry recommendations, but I would really Love some awesome book recommendations (as mentioned, I am not crazy about Poetry...honesty is the best policy right!?!).

Enjoy your day Lister-servers,
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