Pineapples & Penguins

June 05 2016

Hello beautiful people of the world! I'm super stoked to be writing to you all, but am at a loss of what to actually say. I've been a part of The Listserve since its humble beginnings and I have truly enjoyed reading everyone's thoughtful emails. As a newly minted 25 year old, I don't have any major life lessons or thoughtful stories to share so instead a couple of ramblings....

THINGS I LOVE: Broadway. I'm not exactly sure how it started, but it has grown over time (my Bat Mitzvah party was themed "Ilana on Broadway). I am a huge theater nerd. I don't perform myself, but am an avid theatergoer and hope to produce a Broadway show one day. (Any tips to start now in my free time?) Theater is certainly getting its revival with the popularity of Hamilton. For everyone wondering, yes it is as good as everyone says. It's groundbreaking and different. I am curious to see the long term impact it has. It seems to be the RENT of this decade less the taboo subject manner. But just because you can't get Hamilton tickets, doesn't mean you shouldn't go see a show. There are plenty of fantastic shows each year, incredibly talented actors, directors, composers, etc. To me, the greatest test of an actor's ability is his/her ability to perform 8 shows a week and make it new and interesting each time. When an actor is on TV or in a movie, they can do take after take to get it right. Theater is live, there's no starting over. So, if you are in NYC, or Toronto, London, Chicago, La Jolla, go see a show! I have a million suggestions so feel free to email me for some ;).

MY DREAM: Law and Order: SVU is my favorite show ever (my dog is named Elliot Stabler -- you can follow him on Instagram @Smelliot_NYC) and my dream is to be a dead body on the show -- let me know if you got the hook up for extras.

MY SIBS: I think it's very sad and strange when people aren't close with their siblings. I have two brothers and they are two of my best friends. I can't imagine not having a close relationship with either of them.

So with that, a small plug: My younger brother is interning in DC this summer in Healthcare consulting. He is going to be a senior at the University of Michigan this fall and wants to go into public health. Any tips, job leads, etc let me know.

My older brother is a mad-talented cinematographer. You can check out his latest work in the spec film 'HALA THE FILM.'

ON THE SUBJECT LINE: I'm wearing a pineapple shirt and I got to hang out with penguins today at the Detroit Zoo.

A FUNNY STORY: As a small child, I once was sat on while going to the bathroom. A woman backed into the stall, didn't see me, pulled down her pants, and sat on me. No, I did not get peed on.

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New York, NY

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