Careful, you're gonna fall and break your neck.

June 01 2016

A lot of people, most of them relatives, will warn you about the many and varied activities you can break your neck performing throughout your life. There's a balance of sorts - most activities, performed with sufficient ineptitude and confidence, can indeed hurt you pretty badly - but it's easy enough to avoid serious injury on a day to day basis.

I kinda messed that one up a bit, made it all the way to 21 before I broke my neck diving into a three-foot-deep swimming pool.
Somehow I escaped this largely without injury - besides the obvious broken neckbones. I can walk, tilt my head around to *just barely less* than my former range of motion.

A lot of people could learn some kind of serious, profound life message from this. I'm stuck with a Henry-Rollins-esque "uh, don't do stupid shit" for a moral. I guess it's good advice.

PS Thanks Matt Lauer (no relation to the famous one, apparently there's a famous one) for telling me about the listserv.

PPS Everybody should know how to cook at least a little. Delivery and instant foods work - they're what I lived on in college - but it's cool to start with veggies and raw meat (if desired) and end up with something tasty.

Also the game.

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