Everything I Threw Away: The Squeakquel

May 03 2016

Howdy! Andrew here, author of the wildly popular Listserve entry "Everything I Threw Away".

It's been about a year since I last checked in with an exhaustive list of every object I discarded over a 24-hour period in hopes of reminding us all to pay more attention to how much we consume while offering a unique peek into one dope's life. Now the good people at The Listserve have bowed to public demand/random chance and invited me to submit another chapter. Smart move!

What follows is a list of every object I parted with yesterday, a day largely spent wandering from Astoria to Jackson Heights with my darling girlfriend, Nikki (RIP Prince). Let's-get-to-it!


Everything I Threw Away During My Day Off, the Thirtieth of April in the Year of Our Lord 2016

1. 1 ball of tinfoil that had previously wrapped an egg-cheese-bagel from Lite Bites on Steinway

2. 3 used napkins included with the bagel

3. 1 small plastic mango nectar bottle from Patel Brothers on 74th St.

4. 1 small aluminum can of Limca soda from PB

5. 1 tiny price tag dangling from a pair of dollar store sunglasses, cut off by the cashier (37th Ave.)

6. 1 pamphlet advertising palm reading from a guy on 37th

7. 1 liter water bottle with an athlete's spout cap thing from a different dollar store on 37th

8. 1 piece of Extra Polar Ice gum and its wrapper in a garbage on 34th Ave.

9. Maybe two forkfuls of rice untouched by any curry at Indian Taj's buffet on 74th St.

10. 1 golf ball-sized clump of cat hair, cumulatively scraped off my cat, Mingus

11. About 1/2 pint of milk that'd gone bad, dumped down my drain

12. 1 plastic freshness ring from a jar of PB halva, recycled

13. 2 mango spears and their baggy, forgotten in a pocket and crushed and warm

14. 1 Food Bazaar bag of cat poop

And that's it, I guess, nothing crazy. Shouts to Ari.

See you next year!

Andrew Koller
[email protected]
Brooklyn, NY

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