Time flies when you're a parent

April 30 2016

As the parent of a two-year-old, time goes by really quickly and I nearly forgot to write this.
I'm a web developer living in the beautiful city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where it's sunny all year and if you can handle snow for five months, it's the best place in the world to live.

In lieu of having something witty and insightful for everyone to enjoy, here is my go-to list of recommended things:
Fiction: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (near future sci-fi about a prison on the moon)
Non-fiction: Pot Shards (the autobiography of a former US ambassador to South Korea)
Music: House of Heroes (american rock)
Instrumental music: Snarky Puppy (jazz fusion)
Movie: The Prestige (period drama about stage magic)
TV show: Orphan Black (can’t say much without ruining it, but it’s great)
Podcast: No Agenda (two guys banter about news, society, politics, and whatever else they feel like)

A question for everyone: I'm looking for pieces of culture (books, movies, TV shows, non-fiction writing, &c.) that explore the period of time between a future apocalypse and a dystopian society. It seems like there's lots of stories of an apocalypse and lots of stories of messed up worlds that appeared after an apocalypse, but not many of the time of recovering/creating a new society. Something like between the zombie apocalypse, and the world of The Hunger Games. So far, the best I've found is The Walking Dead.

Shoot me an email, or find me on Twitter: @levisan.

In the morning,

Levi Breederland
[email protected]
Edmonton, Canada

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