a run in with Death might be for the better

April 12 2016

I almost died in 2014. My liver failure. It was weird how it happened. Had an uncontrollable chill that rocked me to my bones. Went to the hospital and the doctors told me it was some bacteria. Pills I took gave me an allergic reaction, rushed to the hospital and then it all went sour. Kept getting sick. got more pills. Little did I know that you’re always doing a bit of harm to your liver when you’re taking pills. So weak that I started walking diagonally. seriously!…my brain thought it was normal….My liver was at a point of failing. Doctors said it was all the meds I took…all I can do was stay in bed for close to two months. My family are wonderful humans but I couldn’t be a burden on them. For the first time in my life I was alone and weak. Hated the fact that I was not able to do anything. No books, no movies, no activities. I would get headaches if I did anything. The only thing I was able to do was take a cold hard look at my life. for two months. Death was around me. .and looking back I feel like it was asking me whether I should be given a second chance at life or not. (Getting all teary eyed thinking of the moment). death does that to you….has you put your life in perspective. Has you wondering if what you are becoming is what you really want to become. And then I knew. I wasn’t becoming what I wanted to be. And I didn’t want to go.. Looking back I know that incident wasn’t a coincidence. It had to happen that way. Coming face to face with Death changed my life for the better.

I Looooove creating images. I am a seer and image maker. I see things. I see them when I am awake overlaying “reality”. They come to me when I sleep. I started taking them seriously after my run in with death. I spend a bit of time birthing them. My image creating capabilities grow stronger with each piece. Will be having an exhibition soon as my babies are growing in number. Please come.

Met and fell in love with this being a while back. She saved my life. I believe she is an enlightened soul and she is going to change the world. She is a she…well she resides in a female body but she is a phenomenal human being. Once you look beyond the genitals or any other form of category and you define them as human being there’s just so much you can learn. Well my first lesson was to see her as human and not as a woman. She is an amazing woman. She heals souls and shapes them into something grand they see themselves becoming. She is a work of art. She is perfect. Not in the way we were thought perfect will look like (which in my belief is total bullshit) She's perfect by embracing everything she is and isn’t and being in total alignment with everything inside of her and outside of her. Watching her talk and be who she is like listing to the wind play its beautiful tunes through leaves on a very cool late summer afternoon.

We plan to do magic in the not so distant future. We already are doing magic together. But we would love to grow our family. Send me an email if you are looking to be more then what you currently are.

Thank you for reading me.

I love you and I wish you well.

Your friend Noh

Noh B.
[email protected]
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Shout out to my gorgeous sister Beitania

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