A Haiku and some aphorisms

April 05 2016

Chapped lips
A lifeless look
Remainders of a bomb

A Haiku is like a painting, but in an extremely short form.

With deadly wars around the world, with indifference among many people, art is a way to help us grow sympathy.

Here I write for you some of my thoughts:

1. Being experienced
To have experiences is not the same as being experienced. Having experiences is associated with lifestyle and how much one has aged. But being experienced depends on how much one learns from his experiences. One may undergo the same experience for years, without learning anything from it. People who do not learn from their experiences tend to become pessimistic and bitter. Therefore, between two people who have had similar experiences, the one who is happier is likely more experienced.

2. Living in the present and ethics
Living in the present is directly related to having good morals. Those who are not bounded by the happy or sad memories of the past, and are not concerned with fears or interests that future may bring, can make decision more based on their own morals.

3. Fiends and lovers
Friends are best known when they stay by your side in difficulties, and lovers are best known when they keep you in mind in felicity.

You can find more of my thoughts at my weblog named "farpey".

Please let me know about your thoughts.


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