The Dance of Life

March 15 2016

From the moment we are born and to the day we take our first step, our life begins as a dance. The dance of life becomes composed of different tempos, steps, taps, and slides. Taking refuge within our mother’s womb, some may waltz out of their shell while others may gracefully polka their head out of slumber. As for myself, I would say as much that my entry was more of an offbeat glissade (Sorry mom). The first stage shone, Fahaheel, Kuwait City, a small Arab country on the Persian Gulf. My dance as a toddler began as a petite chassé, which lasted until early 2001. Despite my current age (19), I have some cherished memories of the days spent on that sandy and oh so dusty stage. Now, my parents at the time were hard workers, they would spend long hours trying to provide for two growing infants, myself and my older brother. This resulted in days spent with our nanny, and the occasional fox trot with our neighboring childhood friend. Dust storms were infrequent, but would make a slow coupé, engulfing the small Arabian city. The three of us would take refuge in our tiny and compact apartment complex, somewhere between the 4th or 7th floor. As the dust storm settles with its final pas, I would always be in awe when small patches of dust/sand lay on the floor, blending with the fractal designs of the carpeting. Such nostalgic memories are those I wish would never échappé from my mind.

As the early 2001’s approached, the adagio of my parent’s efforts brought my brother and me to a cold and distant stage known as Winnipeg, Manitoba. This decently sized Canadian city became a new haven for my family, a clean slate you could say. Transitioning into this new land was not an easy endeavor to say the least. It was an allegro of planning and consulting, but gladly there were warm and welcoming hearts. For quite some time my family took vacancy with some relatives, the four of us jam packed into a small bedroom upstairs in their humble abode. My parents took another dive, from a sudden brisé to a soft elevé, working two jobs was necessary in order to further support the family. They continued their graceful pirouette on a slippery and foreign dance floor, until a sanctuary of our own was obtainable. A dance floor just for the four of us, we took vacancy in a small, comfy ranch style home, located somewhere in Northwest Winnipeg. My brother and I were thankful for our parent’s efforts. A large portion of our youth was then spent in a wild swing, playing with the neighborhood kids until sun down. The time spent in this distant land slowly became not too far out of reach and we began to warm up to its unfamiliar touch. Great friends and memories were created.

Unfortunately, the joy was short lived and the grand battement of life has swung our family into yet another waltz. In the early years of 2004, our family moved yet again, to our third and final stop, Red Deer, Alberta. Again, we took vacancy in a ranch style home, with some friendly strangers renting the basement below us. My brother and I felt as if a part of ourselves were left behind, but we knew it was for the best.

Despite all that, my parents never once took a step offbeat. It’s time to relax and let us pursue the stage.

I say this to you fellow Listserve readers, don’t stop dancing.

Peace and Love.

Jesse Dela Rosa
[email protected]
Calgary, Alberta

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