It's what you make it.... Or it's what it makes you!

February 28 2016

Full of mistakes, full of guilt, I begin with a bunch of scattered thoughts that I have everyday.

Sometimes, you just want something. You can't stop before you actually try to obtain it, if you fail then that's fine it didn't work. But, if you don't try, you sit and wonder what if... What if's are the worst! If you ever have a decision to make, ask yourself will I look back and think what if... if yes, then do it! Period. It might not be something you really want after all, or it could be everything you could ever have dreamt of. The risk is worth it.

Do something stupid, but not wrong. There is no reason to make anyone ever feel lesser, to ever treat someone as if they don't deserve something. Wronging someone may not haunt your conscience, but it might mess someone up completely. You will hurt people, you will get hurt... Just keep your intentions for what you were trying to do clean.

The early days of my life of bullying shelled me to never let my guard down, or to always act confident. It fended them off. Personally, I don't believe there is much to be cocky about for me, but things you develop in childhood are just hard to drop. But, deep down I am just as insecure as everyone else. One of the biggest things I have learned, is that everyone is insecure about something. And, we pretty much build this life around overcoming these insecurities! Respect others, but also respect yourself to be flawed as a human.

I live by a motto that I sometimes do not always believe in, but is my attitude towards life anyways: "I am the happiest person I know." Everything that has happened to me, made me who I am. I have regrets, big regrets. But, if I lived so safely that I never had to regret something... I believe that would have been my biggest regret ever. Risks, are never as terrible as you play them out in your head. Look up "catastrophizing."

My parents are my everything. There is no greater motivation for me, than the two people who have sacrificed meals for me to be able to eat. Who have sacrificed there desires to help pay for college. Who have spoiled this kid, but taught him humility. Constantly, told me that life is not about winning, it's about learning. Life is a journey, not a destination. Make mistakes, laugh at them, don't make them twice. They call and ask "Did you eat anything?", never "Hey, how are your grades? Are you doing bad things?" Parents are the single most taken for granted things in the world. Blessed to have the ones I have. Give your parents a call today, they miss you.

Take leaps, I don't mean steps. I mean leaps! You will surprise yourself of what you are capable of.

I love hearing the stories of people's journeys. Also, love entrepreneurship and would love to talk about it with anyone, from any perspective. Giving and Receiving advice. Feel free to contact me whenever.

Also, shout out to caffeine.

Tayyab H.
[email protected]
Raleigh, NC

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