Musings on happiness

February 24 2016

Today I woke up and drank black tea from a blue mug.
I made a breakfast of avocados, tomatoes and eggs.
I sat on the green couch in my brown pajama pants,
and I listened to the snow melt against the window panes

In that moment, I felt so full and round. Moments like that come and go. They will always be coming and going; there is not stasis, which is a little freaky. But because those moments of happiness can be so quiet and still, I want to recognize them when they are here. I want to see the good when it comes and know the bad will pass when it seems like it won’t.

As fleeting as those moments of happiness can be, I think they have such a profound power. When you enter a room and allow yourself to find happiness, you are changing who that room is constructed for. As more time passes, the more I realize how certain spaces aren’t meant for certain people. It seems undeniable to me that comfort exists in abundance for certain people while others are forced to subsist on meager scraps which they fight their whole life for. But, through the sheer power of a person’s pleasure, spaces are forced to open up.

"Spaces are claimed through enjoyment, an enjoyment that is returned by being witnessed by others." - Sara Ahmed

"Pleasure is expansive: 'We fill our bodies with what they lack, open up to the stream of the world, reach out to others' (Leder 1990:75)".- Sara Ahmed

I believe that self-care and happiness are some of the most radical things that a person can practice and I hope that everyone finds moments when they feel so full that time seems to stop.

Joyce Wang
[email protected]
this crazy blue planet

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