Finding my way ...

February 22 2016

Getting the listserve winning email on Valentine's Day ! That's a call to return to my long forgotten love writing ...

So here is a Hello ,Salam, Greetings to all reading this, from wife of an expat from Indian subcontinent living in Middle East... So here I am a shy ,Mid thirties parent , teacher & learner ..Reaching out of my comfort zone for the first time.

Learning from diverse cultures in this melting pot ... Neighbours from Sudan, Australia,U.K., Sri Lanka , Lebanon ! Basic English with some Sign language, broken Arabic help breaking some barriers .. Kids being a sure ice breaker.. Feel blessed to be here . Simple joys in a complex world.
A breakfast of hummus with pita bread & boiled eggs followed by Italian spaghetti with meatballs for lunch , to winding the day with Indian soul food dal ( lentil) with steamed rice ! blessed indeed..

Overlooking the thorns of the rose bush , enjoy the flower for its beauty & fragrance .. Finding peace and simple joys all around . . With each day I mature and realize that I haven't scratched the tip of this iceberg called life ! I am getting used to this question a lot as to what do I do ... Home maker , stay at home parent not being viable options.. But I actually like being here where I am !

Soon my kids will be independent & I look forward to trying out new ideas in real world ... Beyond armchair travel , beyond social media , beyond the family cushion I am searching venues .... So send in ideas ... Conservative ones please ..

Deciding to step out of my bubble , where I can easily spend the rest of my life like my mother or her mom ! That's a starting point itself ... No lofty ideals here ... No grandiose plans .. Lots of inertia & a vague idea ...
Thanks for reading !

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