Finding Comfort Outside My Comfort Zone

February 20 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

On Wednesday I drove myself 2 hours from home, to stay in a hotel for a week, away from my cats and my love and everything I know. I've been put up by the corporate restaurant I work for, with some others (some I know, some I don't), to help train their new team at a new restaurant. It's nice to have a company that wants to build a community.

As a someone who is incredibly introverted, this has been a nerve wracking experience for me. I'm very much out of my comfort zone this week, but at the same time I'm so unbelievably comfortable. That's how I know hospitality is where I belong. Because even after the 12 hour days, pumping out $15,000 worth of product over this EXTRA long weekend... Of course I'm exhausted but I also feel so accomplished.

Today is Sunday. I've got two more days and then I get to head home. One more hard push to get us through the holiday Monday and we'll cruise into the rest of the week. I tell you, I've loved this experience but I am ready to sleep in my own bed, with my loves arms around me and the cats at my feet.

I'm determined to make the most of what I've learned though. The past year I've been suffering from twenty-something troubles... A lack of direction of you will. But this week feels like a turning point.

I think I finally have a goal. Even if I can't quite put it into words yet.

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Ontario, Canada

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