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February 15 2016

Seven years ago I was VP, GC, and IP counsel for a telecommunications company that successfully helped inventors and corporate design engineers to quickly generate ideas, new products, and product improvements. My recently published “How To” book, Quantum Inventing, details this new inventing concept by helping independent inventors and corporate design engineers to quickly gain new insights to rethink and recast some of the language, interconnections and structures used in patent claims.
This is an important book because it compares the traditional inventing method (inspirational) which has a speed limit to quantum inventing which avoids this speed limit and quickly results in ideas more relevant to the market.
It also addresses why independent inventors generally fail to be successful at licensing their ideas and how corporate design engineers can more easily create new ideas for new products and product improvements.
In addition it helps engineering professors who are business development facilitators. Student engineers who need to discover novel ideas for class projects can now get support from Quantum Inventing, that describes a new two step way to develop their inventive skills and generate product opportunities. It focuses creativity, scaffolds learning, and includes clear examples.
When students enter the job market they will face the reality of Quantum Inventing’s unconventional approach, and will need to have developed strategies and tactics to deal with these new concepts. It should be recommended reading for all of them
The author has 42 years of experience as an inventor, patent attorney and corporate in-house counsel. He has received Wall Street Journal recognition for developing product patent positions for companies that resulted in product market success.

stephen malak
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