The World is Your Cup of Water

February 08 2016

About a year ago, I was taking a Philosophy of Happiness class. I've always found philosophy to be an captivating subject; on the surface it seems so simple and obvious, but something I never dare to uncover myself. One day, my professor was explaining this happiness theory to the class, about effort and how we divide it across our life. I unfortunately cannot remember the philosopher who came up with this, but go with me as I try to paraphrase it as best I can:

Your life is made up of cups of water. You ultimately have many cups to represent the many things in your life -- family, friends, social life, your respective work, sports, art, movies, health, etc. We only have an allotted amount of water we can fill these cups up with, and it is in our control which cups get more water than others. Now, if I was Pablo Picasso, my artist cup we be pretty full, and the other cups of my life would have minimal water compared to that cup. But let's say there's a person out there who's an artist, but also loves to make pasta, and they give equal time to each of those interests. It's fair to say that second artist will be a lesser artist than Pablo Picasso, since they're giving half the effort and time to being an artist. Again, we have many cups that make up or lives, but only so much water to put into each one of those cups.

Fast forward one year, to the present. I am graduated, and pursuing a career as a graphic designer. As I attempt to find jobs and internships, in the back of my mind I am always second guessing where my water is in my different cups. To be a great artist or graphic designer, I am going to have to put a lot of my water in that cup, which means taking water out of my other cups. I feel right now that my cup for my dead-end internship is getting more water than my cup of creating, learning, and bettering my art. And if I truly want to become a great and talented graphic designer, what cups am I going to lose along the way? And, will I be happy with all my cup in that one cup? Would I be happier pursuing many things that I enjoy? There are so many things in the world that I love and inspire me, it's saddening to thing I can't be well rounded and talented in all of them. It's a balancing act and a continuos assessment of yourself, and what you honestly need and want out of life.

I want to give a great shout from the Listserve rooftops to one of my best friends Ali, who introduced me to Listserve and is currently teaching in South Korea. Already one month down, and I hope you're rocking the neck out of those Pooka shells. Ali, along with my other friends on this Listserve, Meg, Kelly, and Maggie, are so inspiring to me in each of their own individual way. Cherish does not cover how much I value our friendship.

If you would like to humor me and check out my portfolio website, you may find it at www[dot]katemarinchak[dot]com. Thank you.

Kate Marinchak
[email protected]
Bay Area, CA

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