Opportunities abound, if you only know where to look

January 27 2016

Hi all!

So, this is pretty cool, and pretty terrifying all at the same time.

First, a little about me. I'm married, and live in Minnesota, USA. My husband and I are working on acquiring children, but for now are making due with our three goofball cats that we just smother with all the lovins.

I'm an accountant at a group home management company for adults and children with special needs, mostly with profound disabilities, both mental and physical, though we are branching out into elder care. If you are in Minneapolis/St Paul, and would like to work with some of these great people, shoot me an email!

I love playing World of Warcraft, watching YouTube videos, and I have recently started a rewatch of all the Power Ranger series, first the American version, then the Japanese version. I also enjoy bar trivia--my group of friends and I have been racking up the wins in the last few weeks.

If you are bored, and want to amuse yourself with terribly written TV show reviews, feel free to check out my blog, Melissa's Miscellany, though I haven't updated it in three years or so.

I only have one piece of advice, mostly for college students: If you do decide to get an Arts degree, I would HIGHLY suggest minoring in marketing, because if you are going to be an artist, you really need to know how to sell yourself. However, don't feel like you HAVE to go to college. The trades need strong people to go into them as well, and don't require a 4-year degree.

And lastly, for those of us who think today's music is crap, remember, the number one song in May 1974 was 'The Streak.' And yes, it was about a streaker.

Take care everyone!

Melissa K
[email protected]
Minnesota USA

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