Nothing To Be Afraid Of

January 20 2016

We will never be imprisoned
We are the ones who will be shot on sight
They will invent new execution tools if they have to.

We will never be captured
We are not the ones they want in a cell
They will string us up in the square unannounced.

We will never be tortured
We are the ones interrogators fear
They will scream to drown out our hideous laughter.

We will never be converted
We are the ones who turn men to our will
They will cut out our tongues before we can speak.

We will never be imprisoned
We are the ones who die upright
They will be afraid long after we are gone.

~~~ Bonus Poem ~~~

My enemy is coming
On horses black as soot
Their axes gleam in sunlight
The miles race underfoot
Together with his servants
All fierce and riding hard
King of Men, God Emperor,
The Infinity Shard

And when he comes to kill me
I’ll neither beg nor weep
For I am a free woman
And I’ll die on my feet.

I will not sing his praises
Nor obey his command
I’ll never recognize his claim
To rule my native land
I’ll stoke fires of rebellion
Remind the world they’re free
I’ll burn down every building
Of his evil ministry

My every breath is treason
I face certain defeat
But I am a free woman
And I’ll die on my feet

I will not lock my heart down tight
For fear that it may break
Emotion is no weakness
Along this path I take
I will find the strength to fight
And be human still
I won’t shut up to save myself
And I’ll love who I will

No matter how it pains me
My heart and soul I’ll keep
I’ll live a free woman
And I’ll die on my feet.

We cannot live divided
Along lines soaked in blood
Old debts must be forgiven
Lest all drown in the flood
Our Ruler likes us squabbling
He feeds feuds centuries long
But we can overcome our past
Together, we are strong

And when he comes to strike us down
We will not bend our knee
Because we are free people
And we’ll die on our feet.

~~~ Other Stuff ~~~

I normally prefer doing stuff with words and pictures. Since Listserv isn't a visual medium, please respond if you want links to my lovely image-based stuff (or if you recognize where the inspiration for the second poem comes from).

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