Looking for a South American perspective...

January 09 2016

I never expected to win the Listserve, and now I have 48 hours to come up with something witty, insightful, original, and just a tad interesting - which I'm finding completely impossible sitting here in my office at 16:55 on the first Monday back from the Christmas break.

So about me: I'm a 25 year old living in Bristol, UK (Any Bristolians out there?!). Having the time of my life. I love travelling around the world, reading, music, and anything techy.

Anyway, time for the question that I've decided to ask 23,000 of you at the same time...

Because I have no great stories of my own to tell, I'm going to ask you for some advice on how to create one. Me and the girlfriend are planning to backpacking around South America in the next year or two and we want to have THE best time, filled with amazing people, insane experiences, and those moments that you'll know you'll never forget.

If anyone has any travel tips, or ideas of must-see places, then definitely send me an email - i'm all-ears and I think it's the lesser-known treasures that lead to the better experiences. We're looking for those gems that you won't find anywhere on the pages of a travel guide.

We're thinking of starting in Brazil, and doing a "U" shape down through Uruguay, Paraguay, and Argentina and back up to Bolivia, Peru, and Columbia. So the floor is yours, where would you go if you could?

Have a great day.

[email protected]
Bristol, UK

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