Could you really refuse a grandma's request?

December 29 2015


My name is Eloísa Valdes (AKA Helewidis). I'm a 30 years old girl from Portugal who studied Anthropology and now wants to change her gears into the world of Comp.Sci.. I love comics, sci-fi, beta-testing, photography & social media and this is what I was eager to share with the Listserve for ages:

-> #Smilography

About 5 years ago my grandma heard on the news there weren't many pictures of people smiling. She asked me to change that reality.

How could I refuse a grandma's request? I immediately made a tumblr, a deviantART group and the #Smilography hashtag on G+ (which is where this project still runs kinda on its own).

I'm now asking the Listserve to join and help me change that!

Please use the #Smilography tag whenever you post a photo of a smiling person (be it on Instagram, G+ or Tumblr) and, together, we'll bring the world more smiles.

I'll try my best to keep up with you and replying, etc. Thank you! <3

-> This is that part of the email where I show you an old poem of mine:

"Caution - Wet Floor"

I never stood a chance.

My lower extremities perform, faced with the slipperiness of it all. The crowd expects a fall for the Grand Finale. Satisfaction ensues. My lower limbs end the dance with a plié and I feel equilibrium abandoning my company.

The floor is merciless - as always. It hits me with the force of gravity and my weight combined. Math isn’t an ally.

The impact leaves a wound and I lick it. It’s bittersweet. It smells like alcohol.

I was offered a different kind of inebriation that night: an Eau de Cologne composed of delight with a top note of injury. I learned to use it every day and to be eager for it.

The sum of all the caution signs in the world couldn’t have prepared me for this love. May, 2010

-> For my photography, blogging, writings & more yadda, yadda, yadda follow me: . Eloísa V. on G+ . @eloisavaldes (instagram, twitter, tumblr, Ello, steam...)

-> Casa da Pirralha If you understand Portuguese you may like my blog Casa da Pirralha, where I write about lots of stuff, do some reviews; share my arts&crafts tutorials and upcycling projects!

- Shoutout to Diogo Shini Resende who gave me his Lottery "ticket"! TY!

Eloísa Valdes
[email protected]
Coimbra, Portugal

P.S.: Bow ties are cool! ;)

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