help me find a name for our restaurant!

December 13 2015

(Sawadee Khrap)

My name's is Constantin and I'm a 30 year old guy living in Bangkok, Thailand. I was born in Germany, but lived in the US, Austria and now I'm living in the big mango in the land of smile.

I work as a Ruby on Rails programmer for a company called Oozou (we are hiring!) and I'm very happy with how my life is going! :)

While living here, I've started dating a girl and we've moved in together - Waew is Thai, went to a very good university to study to pursuit her dream to become a chef and together we now plan to open our own little restaurant in Bangkok. But we don't have a name yet!

Do you know what we should call it? It's going to be a small (10-15 guests only) restaurant that will focus on organic, local and seasonal food - we plan to show where everything came from - and work with local farmers to provide the best possible ingredients. Maybe we will even offer free tours to the farms for our guests! It's not going to be a specific cuisine - just a daily menu based on what Waew can get off the market and farmers.

Currently I'm in Laos doing an off-road motorbike trip with three friends of mine. I've started all kind of sports that got me out of my comfort zone when I moved here: I'm skydiving (getting my A license soon!), started diving (again) and now love to ride bikes - on- and off-road!

And let me tell you: there is definitely no better way to explore a country than off-road on two wheels. You won't believe the things we see - in just one day: little villages of hill-tribes in the mountains, all the children running to the street to great us, laughing and jumping around! Chickens, piglets, dogs, cats, cows, elephants, goats and everything in between!

We always try to stay in guest houses - nothing too fancy - and always just stay for one night.

I've done this in Thailand a couple of times (around Chiang Mai) and now Laos.

Email me if you have any questions about Thailand, riding bikes, getting into skydiving or - and that would be really cool - if you have a name for the restaurant!

Thank you!

[email protected]
Somewhere in Laos

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