four poems

December 10 2015

things in my life

the tv drones
i sit and watch the wall behind it
i think about all the things
a lot of space in the room
an equation open ended
shaped by a spastic or a god
so much done
so little realized
feel the losses never seen
hear old voices in the dream
shock of love
stew the neurons
let simmer and lust coats the pot
like a scum
springboard into an algea'd pool
i swam their often
still do
faces and names and deeds
what remains
too much life left to live
years and years
boring movie on a super-8 loop


rain on air
mongoloid child


this life during war
to not say i know
but wait for the blow
maybe in sunshine
or afternoon glow
as bullets race by
i strain my eye
and laugh at a show
of buttery laser-guided


cream and fur
and a slice
of mist too thick
your face
your faces
make me a bet
to save and want
your simple light
when seen
not seen
but held too near
i hear
your faces
my dream

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Memphis, TN

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