A blank slate

December 01 2015

So like, this has been one hectic month. Four weeks ago my brother passed away on the Tuesday night and my mom passed away on the Thursday morning. Kind of ordinary deaths in a month of extra-ordinary death. Ordinary in the greater scheme of things but not quite so ordinary for me - or for them.

I find it hard to grieve and I find it hard that I feel relieved.

For mom it was what she has wanted for a while now, as she said "growing old is not for sissies". For my brother Geoff though, he was 100% when he went in, apparently they had to rush to remove his stomach because of cancer. I suggested he get a second opinion and maybe not rush but he was quite upbeat, only expected to be in for a week or two. They discovered that it was pointless doing the operation. Three months of agony in hospital, basically in a coma the whole time, and he is gone. They should have waited for the test results. Kind of think they messed that one up but hey, they got paid. I think death is better than what he was going through.

I am going to miss them.

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Cape Town, South Africa

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