An alien in Paris

November 17 2015

Well, I thought I'd never win The Listserve, but it didn't matter as I enjoyed reading what everyone of you wrote.

I was born in Morocco and lived there until I turned 27 years old. Then I moved to Paris a year ago, and it's been an enormous change in my life.

I came here to see a girl with whom I fell in love back in high school. We went to college and spent five years together. She then went to Paris for a masters' degree and I followed her two years later, which brings us to me moving here a year ago to work as a computer engineer. It was a pretty nice year, I made a couple of friends, mostly colleagues, but I enjoy Paris overall.
A year later, today, I'm thinking of marrying that girl. But the thing is, I'm afraid. We never really lived together as we come from a pretty conservative country, and now we're seeing each other a lot more and I am not sure if I want to commit to marriage. Is it too early? I always imagined myself married at 32 or 33. But does it really matter at what age you marry? I like the lifestyle I got to develop here. Drinking with friends, going out and enjoying life. I want to still experience that a bit more, I guess. But she wants to get married and build a life together, she also doesn't want me to keep drinking alcohol as she her dad was a heavy drinker and she's always afraid I'll one day be like him. I want to bring her along this adventure but she's a bit depressed and doesn't want to make any efforts meeting new people and going out (other than once or twice a week).
In another hand, I love this woman and always saw myself with her. I still do, but I'm afraid of "missing out" if we get married now. I am not sure what to do. I can't just ask her to wait a couple years and I go "have fun".
Yeah anyways, I didn't know what to write about and this is all I had in mind.

Thanks for listening :)

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