Best day ever :)

November 08 2015

600 words or less to share with world:

1. Family comes first, whether it's blood relatives or the other kind of family that makes you feel like home.
2. You can struggle forever to find a passion, you might never end up with one in particular, but at least you've tried a lot of different things.
3. Sometimes the best feeling in the world comes from helping people or just listening and being there. Please be kind!
4. Animals are the best, and the love and trust shared with a dog are some of the most beautiful things one can experience in a lifetime.

You always have a chioce, so always try to find the positive side. The result of that is that I very often say 'best day ever' :)

My last thing to share is the only joke i know:
A skeleton walks into a bar and says to the bartender: Can i get a beer and a mop?

Stay happy!


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