About Animals

October 05 2015

I work remotely as a software developer and it gives me a chance to travel while working. My favorite part about traveling is visiting awesome vegan restaurants around the world.I'm not going to tell you about all of the issues with animal agriculture and the cruelties of factory farming. People seem to agree with these issues, but still support them because they believe that being vegan would mean giving up everything they like about eating. But actually, Vegans eat great food. I think that because we can't simply make food the way that everyone else does, it leads to vegan food being pretty creative.

My hope is that you will visit a vegan restaurant and experience vegan food; It will likely be an enjoyable experience. Using the website happycow.net, you can find vegan restaurants in your area. If you have a vegan friend, why not ask them what their favorite restaurant is. If you can't find a vegan restaurant near you, or you would rather cook, there are a ton of recipes available online at sites like http://www.theppk.com/recipes/

After you've experienced good vegan food, perhaps in the future you can think about the issues with animal agriculture without the oppressive feeling that there isn't anything you can do about it.

Feel free to email me about your experience with vegan food. Pictures of the meal are welcome :)

Thanks for reading,
William Beene

P.S. If you want to learn more, I recently found this brand new YouTube channel that looks promising http://youtu.be/qwm3l_pXImo

P.P.S. The subject of this email, "About Animals", is the name of my favorite vegan restaurant in Taipei.

William Beene
[email protected]
Tokyo, Japan

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