This may not change anything. A barter for you.

October 03 2015

The first impulse is to write something cool, simple, classic. But I’ve rarely been concise. Instead, a barter:

One gloomy day in November, your requests will dictate my life. Inspired by WanderStomper.

Anyone can make requests, and I’ll document them online.

But I’m more likely to fulfill them if you let me know which (if any) of the below actions you've taken. Each is described first with a bit of context. Apologies if the format is a bit confusing, hopefully you’ll read on…

Let’s go!


In northern Thailand, kids ran around and played outdoors all day, it felt right. In a few years I’ll move back to Thailand and raise my future kids. This may be to an existing village or starting an ecovillage / school.

*If you are interested in visiting or being part of this community, Thailand is beautiful and you can probably save enough in the next few years to live without working there for a couple of decades. If you barter well enough (*check out Timebanks, they rock!!*) maybe you’ll never have to work again…*


We felt bad because we didn’t have jobs, then we looked around and saw none of these other awesome people did either… We started Career Skills Incubator, it’s chill, fun, and flexible for the un(der)employed.

*Do you want to start a local branch? Or need tools to start your own mentorship program?*


She developed SunSaluter as a teenager, increasing solar panel output while filtering water. The simple technology excited me. “I want to help, I’m probably not good enough for a response,” I thought, sending the email. A few months later they asked me to join their board.

*Check out SunSaluter if you know people who would be interested in partnering to deploy these with local entrepreneurs or non-profits around the world*


Peering out of the castle where we lived, making the world better seemed the only viable path after this dizzying array of dance, laughter, new people and opinions.

*Learn about United World Colleges, including Online UWC, and encourage lower income youth to apply*


We watched a beautiful video of Muslims and Jews praying together.

*Oct 11th in Toronto we’re bringing all faiths, including agnostics/atheists, together for an interfaith prayer for a better Canada, you’re welcome to attend and bring the whole family.*


Yesterday was bi-visibility day, I didn’t do anything for it.

*Learn about LGBTTIQQ2S, polyamory…brainstorm what we can do to make the world more welcoming to for ‘marginalized’ people*


I chickened out partway through the public Letter A Day goal, self-conscious about all I was sharing while trying to be politically correct.

*Write a letter to government, a company, a person, sharing what they do well and what they need to do better.*


“Why are we supporting such BS companies??” I raged after learning about responsible investing, how even a couple bucks in a boring savings account might be used by banks to support companies whose values I don’t share…

*If you live in California, check out New Resource Bank, if not, let’s nerd out on this topic*


I realized carbon, ecological, and water footprints should be measured together.

*Help me make the world’s first Full Footprint calculator and offsets, or its first competitor*


My life goal? To decrease the negative environmental impacts of one million people.

*Share ideas, especially if you are an expert or passionate in areas e.g. efficient cookstoves, gravity lamps, kinetic energy from bikes to charge devices…*


Let's make the world better, or at the very least tell me what to do with my life one dreary day in November.

Shukran. KupkoonKa. Gracias. Xixie.

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