Life of a madman

September 29 2015

I was born with a very severe case of club foot. Basically my foot went straight down from my leg instead of out front of it. After 7 surgeries before the age of 5 It was back to a pretty much normal foot. I was told I would never break 5 feet tall because of this. Here I am at 36 years old standing almost 5'9" and with no discernible limp. I never met my father. He and my mother ended their engagement before she was aware she was pregnant with me. I went through most of my life believing he was just my mother's coke dealer and not much more. It wasn't until my 20's I found out that's just how they met but later got engaged. I was lucky enough that she found a great husband who raised me like his own flesh and blood and never made me feel less than my brother.

When I was 12 years old my parents decided I should go to a Pentecostal Christian School. After three years there I was very happy to go back to public schools. Although I feel that I would never make a child go to a school like that it broadened my horizons. When someone tries to use religion as an excuse for hateful or bigoted actions I'm capable of actually speaking from experience why they are wrong to use it like that.

My senior year of high school, I met the girl of my dreams. Of course, she was dating my friend at the time. I was young and stupid and cheated on her and we would break up and get back together many times more. Somehow, 18 years later we're still extremely close friends after all we've done to each other.

On a few occasions now I've had fate intervene in such a way that I'm amazed I'm still alive. In August of 2012 I put a car into wall at 40ish mph. I was not wearing a seatbelt and shattered the dashboard with my chin and the windshield with my forehead. Somehow I walked away with only needing 13 stitches. Six months after that a friend's inability to find a babysitter kept me from going to see Great White at The Station nightclub. I was up all night watching the horror unfold as 100 people lost their lives and 200 more were injured in that tragic fire.

Now I live in one of the greatest cities that most people couldn't find on a map. I have a lot of pride in both the city of Providence and the state of Rhode Island in general. I sometimes end up becoming a tour guide for random strangers I meet on my travels in the city. Everyone should try to do that with their own city. Show strangers around and let them make you love where you live over and over again. If you ever want a tour, I'm always up for showing more people this great city.

Fun Facts about Rhode Island:
We have the First Baptist church in America
Rhode Island was founded to escape religious persecution by the Pilgrims
A full year and a half before some Boston guys made a huge pot of tea in the harbor Rhode Islanders burned a British customs ship, The Gaspee, to the waterline.
We were the first to declare Independence and the last to sign the Constitution. Rhode Islanders have always been very independent.

If you ever come to Providence make sure you visit the Wickenden Pub and check out the paintings on the back patio.

Nick R
[email protected]
Providence, RI

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