Thank you sidewalks.

September 21 2015

Thank you sidewalks for all you do, I would be on the street if it weren't for you!
When I was laid off in 2009 and the economy was looking grim, I decided to start a company. Environmental Paving Solutions, LLC was started and focused on porous and sustainable pavements, along with concrete sidewalks (our family livelihood since the 1920's).

Porous pavements act the same as standard pavements but designed with gaps between the aggregate that allow water to flow through and into the ground.
Did you know that a lot of our cities pipe rainwater to the same sewer line that comes from your house? This combined sewer then has to be treated ($) and during large rain events this combined sewer will overflow into our waterways. This means that perfectly clean rain gets combined with sewage and then dumped into our rivers and lakes! Porous pavements, and other green infrastructure work to deliver this water back to ground, where it recharges our drinking water.

EPS also works with products I call sustainable. We have an "asphalt" that uses polymers and tree sap instead of oil based tar. A concrete overlay system that allows you to get new looking patio or garage floor without having to rip it all out and start new (like recycling your concrete pad). We even have a porous pavement made with recycled tires! But our biggest seller is the good old fashion concrete sidewalks we have been installing since the 1920's.

Thank you sidewalks, and thank you listserve.

If you have any questions please feel free to write.

[email protected]
Syracuse, NY. USA

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