September 18 2015

I'm transgendered. I'm going to be starting HRT (mtf) within a few months and while I'm really happy about that I'm still super bummed out about the whole situation. If you have any helpful words, stories, experiences, stuff, I will eagerly take it all in.

It's difficult to explain a lot of the gender stuff so if you're truly interested in the trans perspective or have questions I'd rather have a back and forth conversation than try crystallizing so many emotions and circumstances in a single one-way message to tons of individuals with markedly different world views.

I'll leave you with some information I found very interesting. There are 5 metrics I know of to define human sexuality:

Gender Identity
Gender Expression
Sexual Orientation

In my experience it can be pretty damaging to suppress something because it's socially radical or strange. Honesty with yourself is fundamental.

Good luck everyone!

[my new name here]
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