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September 11 2015

When you least expect it, it always happen and that's what happened here with TheListserve.

I'm 22 and currently working with an Ad network. One year into being a working professional, things haven't turned out the way it should have and I've realized that they never will be because something better is always planned for us.

I need your help. I have a recurring shoulder dislocation and must have dislocated it atleast 10-15 times. The situation is so bad that sometimes it gets dislocated while sleeping. I am in a really bad situation and would like your help so that I could get back to playing soccer. I haven't played any sport since the past two years and would really, really like to get back. If there are any orthopedics reading this or if you know any of your friend who is an orthopedic it would be really nice if you could connect with me and guide me on how to tackle this issue. My parents are also tired and we have no idea what to do. Hope to receive some replies.

Alright, chuck this.

I love traveling and I'm interested in photography. Feel free to check my account on Instagram: devinbhatia93. If you are planning to come to Mumbai, feel free to drop me a message so that we could meet and I could show you around.

Sorry didn't have any entertaining to write about or share with you. I would like to mention that I have absolutely loved reading your messages and look forward to receiving the messages of people who haven't won as yet.

Enjoy your day!


Devin Bhatia
[email protected]

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