I wrote you a letter, and it reads like this:

September 06 2015

Hey! My name is Lee, I'm from Estonia, a student who just started their last year at high school and.....

I have no actual idea about what I'm going to do and where I'm going to go from here. This letter to you, my dear friends on the LISTSERVE, is going to be less of a life-story but more of a meandering thread-of-thought where I try to get my thoughts straight (as straight as they can be, anyway) and just tell you about myself because hey, why not, right?

About where I'm going to go from here, currently, my desire is to go to university, but then again, I don't really know what I want to study. Maybe Landscaping Architecture? I was thinking of gene-technology, but then realized that I'm not good enough at math to get into that. We'll see about that!

A thing I've gotten very much into lately, though, is volunteering. It started with the Tallinn Old Town days, continued on with the Circus Tree festival, a festival celebrating modern circus, and now is going to continue on with a few more things during the autumn (two according to plan currently, but that might yet change), and hopefully the OTD & CT again next summer. I do hope I have time for them then, because working for money is rad, but there's something about the fun of volunteering & the company you have & the things you get to do that got me hooked on it.

Plus, free shirts. If they're well-designed, new shirts are always a very welcome thing.

But about what I want to do next year/what i want to do after high school/what I want to do with the rest of my life?

I have absolutely no clue, to be honest!

That's kinda what makes it fun, even though not knowing can get very stressful at times.

As for who I am...

That's always very strange to try and word about -- you could also say that I'm still figuring that out too, since you yourself are a constantly changing & growing as a person & change is a thing that's good not to be afraid of, although it can seem terrifying sometimes.

So, about me, here are some of my general likes -

I love Naomi Novik's "Temeraire" series, it has been my favourite book series for a few years now -- it's essentially the Napoleon Wars, but with some added dragons. I love it. I still haven't gotten to read Blood of Tyrants and can't wait until I actually get the chance to buy it. I even bought it as an e-book because I got some google money at some point, but then my phone screen broke and reading on my phone just wasn't that pleasant anymore. Oh well, in some ways I'm kinda excited to actually get the paper-version, especially since I have the rest of the (paperback) books sitting on my shelf.

A friend got me into the Percy Jackson books, and they're fairly good, too! The characters and plot are interesting and... tbh I kinda forgot that I still haven't finished the first book of the second PJ series (Heroes of Olympus) because I've just gotten... distracted. My attention-span works like that sometimes.

I also love Welcome to Night Vale, what a delightful podcast -- the other week I realized I've been a listening to it for at least 3 years now, and I think that's really cool.

I hope you have a good day,


[email protected]
(write me back! you can also find me on twitter @aldergroves)

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