The (literal) art of writing

August 27 2015

Hi there,

I'm so glad to have this chance to speak with you all! Is there anyone else here who is much more comfortable speaking to strangers than to people they know they are going to get to know better? Well that's me, and I think I'll take this chance to share my secret nerdy passion for.. writing fancily.

Ever since I was a kid, I loved writing things. At first, I thought that the content of my writings was what I was so excited about. When I was 9 I think, I wrote a short story about an attention-seeking girl, illustrated it, stapled the pages into a little book, and gave it to my little brother for his birthday. (I'm sure he was thrilled.) I kept writing, but never really felt excited about the story. I just loved the action of forming the words and the part at the end where I got to beautify it. It felt kinda dumb, but I just couldn't put words to my interest in this.

I didn't give further thought to it until I spotted a fountain pen in a supermarket aisle at Carrefour (in Shanghai, not France!) a couple years ago. It was plastic, blue and green, and meant to teach little kids how to write. But I couldn't stop staring at that elegant fold of metal at the tip. That first pen pulled me into a wondrous world of fancy script, lettering, inks, and myriad other materials that could affect the effect of pen to paper. Who knew that so many people still loved the art of writing? I was surprised that there was even an art of writing. But with such a great community on forums and on Instagram, this hobby never fails to inspire me.

What are your secret passions? Any tips on how to turn that passion into a full time reality? Would love to hear from you!

PS. What are the most delicious yet decently priced restaurants you have been to?


Hazel C
[email protected]
Hong Kong

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