Delightful Bathroom Reading

August 25 2015

Everyone wants to write an inspirational Listserve post, just as every author wants to write the next great novel. I think email is more conducive to bathroom reading though. So here’s some scattered thoughts and quick takes for you to read in your “office"...


Our culture has become inextricably tied to images as a means of communication. You know the apps. Some say this has been a bad thing… selfies, emojis and memes carpet bomb societal intelligence and promote narcissism.

There’s a bright side though. Instagram provides a platform for photographers to display their work with appreciative folks around the world. Facebook keeps me in touch with my (ridiculous) parents across the country. Snapchat shows me what people are doing in places I’ve never been AND which of my friends are on the toilet.

A great photo can tell a story well beyond its frame. Who took it? What were/weren’t you wearing? Was a security guard about to tackle you? Who were you with? Were you in love or falling out of it?

Email me a favorite photo you’ve taken along with the story behind it.

Maybe I’ll make a cool page of your submissions! Or maybe I’ll just respond with unsolicited, unqualified artistic criticism?

Photogs to follow:
@littlecoal - incredible pics of my birthplace, Northwest Ohio
@kdkuiper - aerial pics and drone videos of my current location, San Diego
@connorxmartin - B&W scenes of the urban landscape of Toledo and its big brother, Detroit


Scattered thoughts
If you’re too young/poor to invest substantial money (like me), learn how to invest time wisely.

Subtlety is an important storytelling device. Let the audience read between the lines every once in a while; you don’t have to spoon feed them everything. This goes for every form of art as well as lesser things like dating.

Tom Brady is lying about Deflategate and we all know it.

Presidential debates are incredibly bizarre. A bunch of white males covered in makeup delivering painstakingly rehearsed, focus-group-tested lines. In what other setting would this be normal? Don’t say my family reunion.

As far as media content goes, we drive the bus. As a recent Listserve post said, stop clicking on Justin Bieber and they’ll stop stuffing it down our throats wrapped in clickbait.

Never forget where you came from. I’ve lived in 4 U.S. states now and I admit I’ve changed to some extent in each to match my surroundings, but I always stick to my Ohio roots. Keep pulling for your home team (even if it’s the fucking Browns), don’t lose your accent, but maybe stop flying your ancestral battle flag if it’s offensive to a large group of people.

It’s funny to see how the media reacts to dating apps like Tinder. “The End of Chivalry!” “A Cheater’s Favorite App!” Unchivalrous guys are unchivalrous; it doesn’t take an app to bring that out of someone. Similarly, those who stray for greener pastures would have done it with or without an app. “Honey, I would’ve been faithful, but Nina was just 0.2 miles away and we had impeccable banter!”

Pop culture recommendations
NextDraft: Newspaper substitute
Dawes: Favorite young band
David Foster Wallace: “This is Water” on youtube… then his novels once you’re hooked
Cracked: 6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person
Colin Cowherd: radio host who ties sports to life
Audible: listen to books while you drive, cook, do laundry, cry, etc.
Airplane: Of critical cultural importance


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