Holy nightmare, Batman!

August 21 2015

I love getting Listserve emails, but I'm an introvert so this winning thing really freaks me out. I'm seriously shaking right now. You'll have to forgive me for not providing an email address - it's the only way I could talk myself into this. But I had to write because I have one happy/frivolous and one sad/serious thing to tell you.

Books! How great are they? I am a voracious reader and have my Kindle with me always. This, plus the fact that I read super-fast, means that I especially love FREE books. As a thank you to the authors who have made me happy by providing their books at no charge, here are a few of my favorite FREE books (at Amazon[dot]com).
The Academy - Introductions by CL Stone
UnEnchanted by C Hahn
Beneath Montana's Sky by D Holland
Prince of Wolves by Q Loftis

I lost my best friend to Colorectal Cancer. She would want me to share that early detection is KEY.
So if you are over 50 or if something is not right "down there", get your butt to the doctor and have it checked out.


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