The Enneagram, Fort Knox Five, ALS, and You

August 18 2015

Writing this in a rush, as I got the ‘You Won!’ email today, and I’m just heading out of town for several days, and don’t have the proper time to devote to this…
Ah well.
Obligatory recommendations:
1.    The Enneagram.  Seriously, you must check this out if you don’t already know about it. This is a tool for self-knowledge that surpasses anything I’ve yet found. For me it was like reading a handbook to my inner psyche…! There are many books and websites that you can explore to find out which of 9 personality types might describe you. The types are numbered 1 through 9, and different authors also give them different names. I’m a 4, which definitely has its challenges. If there are any other 4’s out there reading this, I’d love to hear any thoughts you have about going through this world as a 4!! Lots to discuss!
2.    Fort Knox Five. Upbeat Electronic Super Fun Dancey Music!– And.. they are offering free downloads of all their music on Soundcloud at the moment…check them out!
And.. a couple of requests for advice…
I’m a 46 year old woman and still (!!) don’t quite know what to do with my life. I am finding it so difficult to figure out where I belong in this world, to know what makes me happy, what I want to spend my time doing, where to put my energies, career-wise. Feeling a bit lost at the moment. Would love to hear any inspirational stories, resources, or advice anyone has on this subject…
And, lastly…this one is tough. After months of doctors not being able to tell us what was wrong with him, this week my dad was diagnosed with ALS. My family is heartbroken. If anyone out there has experience with ALS and advice to share, please write…
Thanks, Listservians.
Roxy, San Francisco

[email protected]
San francisco, CA USA

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