Travelling vicariously via my children

August 07 2015

hi all, I'm not the standard listserver in that I'm in my 50's and am Australian not American as many seem to be.
Hubby and I are working hard and waiting for the end of the year when we can finally say we have seen our youngest child through the last year of school (until she decides to attend University or other further education that is). Then we plan to travel...but in the meantime we travel vicariously through our children's travels.
Oldest girl is heading off in 8 days time to the north of Spain to 'walk the Camino', it's an 800km pilgrim trek, although she is doing it as a tourist not a pilgrim (atheist). We are so proud of her for giving this huge mental and physical trek a go and will be curious to see how this experience changes her, as I'm sure it will. I have recently seen a documentary film about this walk and know she will struggle but come out the other side a different person. She has travelled extensively and we watch on in awe as she takes herself to far flung places and does thing we couldn't have even dreamt of as young adults in the 80's.
Youngest daughter decided a few years ago to become an exchange student, she ended up staying for 5 months in Michigan, I get the impression it wasn't quite what she expected however she stuck it out and met some lovely friends, saw more snow that she ever want's to see again, and got to be a cheerleader, something we just don't have here in Australia.
We watch with pride to see how our girls grow, and we wait for our chance to travel too.
Our wish list at present is -
2016- outback Australia, Uluru, Darwin and Broome.
2017- Germany, canal trip, and England, walking trip around Cotswolds villages.
and then? ? New Zealand, Tasmania, Fiji, Burma, well really our 'world will be our oyster' as they say, what ever we can afford we will do!!!

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country NSW Australia

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