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August 05 2015

When I got the email that I won, I knew I would be procrastinating until the last hours because I want this to matter. First I am going to tell you about Amir:

Amir Hekmati was born in Arizona and raised in Michigan and is a first-generation American. In August of 2011 he took a trip that many Iranian-Americans take to visit relatives in Iran. It was his first trip to Iran and he took the trip to see his ailing grandmother who was too elderly to travel to the United States anymore. Two days before he was to return back home to the United States, intelligence agents took him and he has been imprisoned in Iran since. While imprisoned, he has suffered mistreatment, abuse, and torture. At one time, he was sentenced to death, only to have a higher court overturn the sentence citing insufficient evidence. In August, it will be four years since he was imprisoned, held because the politics between the US and Iran are what they are. It would be amazing if the new nuclear agreement was a step in the right direction to get this innocent man home to his family in Michigan. His father is currently suffering from brain cancer and has had two strokes. Time is not on their side.

Amir deserves to be known. He deserves to come home.

I am 32 and live in central MN. I'm married and have 2 girls who are growing up fast. I'm at that age where I'm realizing I am the adult of the world, and it's unsettling. We are the police, the lawyers, the doctors. People my age. And I feel like such a kid, a fraud.

I love my best friend, and feel like she should be celebrated the world over, just for being her. Shout out to Jenni. The world is brighter because of you!

You don't realize what pressure this is until it's your turn!

Email me if you want someone to chat with, feel the same unsettling feeling of being this age, have life advice, or just want to. I'm not the most fascinating letter, but I am authentic and kind.

Shout out to Mary Jane for keeping it that way. ;-)


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