How Do You Make A Tissue Dance?

July 13 2015

Give It A Lil Boogie.

1.) Practice happiness. Daily. Beauty can be found in every nook and cranny.

2.) It’s never too late to learn something new. I just learned how to ride a bike and the feeling of the wind against my face makes me giggle. Maybe next I’ll learn how to knit socks or dismantle the patriarchy.

3.) Slam poetry is rad. Katie Makkai’s Pretty gives me goose bumps every time I watch it.

4.) I’ve always wanted to journal, but feel daunted at the thought of writing down all of my whereabouts and feelings. Instead I like to write down simple highlights of my days. It’s a little easier and reminds me that a life is made up of little moments like playing in the sand and eating cheese and building campfires.

5.) I’m a former world record holder for being apart of the longest line of consecutive touching tacos.

6.) My whole life I thought I was straight until my best friend told me that she had feelings for me. We’ve been together for a little while now and I’m completely in love with her. How funny it is that society teaches us to love a gender rather then individuals.

7.) Be kind.

8.) The best thing I did at college was to join the Ultimate Frisbee team. It’s a great sport with even greater people.

9.) Hold hands. There’s something cathartic about touch. I read an article once that spoke about the different hormones that are released through holding hands. I just think that it feels nice to be close to someone.

10.) Consume less, savor more, show people love.


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