Love, Music and Sport

May 27 2015

Hi ,

I would like to know what are your 3 favorite things in the following categories

Mine are :
1: Music - The Beatles and Hot chip
2:Love - My fiance
3: Sport - Cricket

1: My favorite art is currently is hot chip. I love the way they can connect sounds together and layer tunes on top of each other

The Beatles - are the band of all bands ! They have a song for every feeling

2: I met my fiance Richa 2 years ago. She is my best friend and life wouldn't be complete without her. I can't wait to get married and spend the rest of my life in bliss. Always go with your heart and things will always work out

3 : Test match cricket is one of the greatest sports on earth in my opinion. It touches on all aspects of the human character. If you have some time definitely look into it and try watching it. Feel free to reach out to me to understand the game some more and I can always explain the intricacies of the sport.

Looking forward to hearing about your favorite things!

Rahul Ravikrishnan
[email protected]

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